New Digital Lab is a laboratory focused on Photo Editing, Photo Retouch, Graphic Design and Print. Ours Photo Portfolio, Beauty Photo gallery, Editorial Photo gallery, Catalog, Advertising, Exhibition, Project, Still Life Photo Gallery, Graphic gallery, Kids Photo gallery, were revisited with taste and experience, a burst of passion, dedication and commitment concepts in common . We don't use filters, we don't use plug in ours photo retouch, our skin is alive and natural shine. Ours color profiles are studied and interpreted with a starting project to meet the need of customers. To achieve maximum results are used editing techniques developed in 20 years of experience. Every Photo-Picture is handled, improved and exalted as an ART WORK to reach the best creation. We can choose different styles following the Customer's needs.

New Digital Lab is also specialized on Graphic Project Design and Visual Communication, brand identity, logo, music event, flyer, catalog, digital and social media marketing. We combines all the creative graphic design elements, to realize a contemporary and original image. Our goal is to work across all media channels, web, print, advertising, digital, developing projects "above & below the line" [brand identity, logo, music event, flyer, catalog, digital and social media marketing], guarantee the best result by combining the traditional graphic design and modern tools of the digital age.  We are the ideal resource for all those companies that need to Communicate, we offering creative projects coordinated by a corporate image of high quality. We guarantee the best technological standards, style-conscious and details.

Our work is our passion